Butchers Hall & Country Grocer where you can buy not just the most marvellous Surrey meat but also all the accoutrements you could possibly need: pies, cheese, jams, chutneys, charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, cakes, bacon, sausages, eggs & lashings of British beer to wash it all down with!
As a family we began farming in 1993 after 30 odd years in the food business because we felt that, unlike most of the meat available at the time, we wanted to serve locally and ethically reared meat with real flavour.  This meant a number of things to us: traditional, rare breeds, extensive rearing and ‘good old fashioned’ husbandry to hopefully end up with meat that (to rehash an overused phrase) ‘tastes like it used to’.

Having found our farm, selected our breeds and reared them with the utmost care we have to get them from our field to your plate….. the Butchers Hall page will tell you more about how we go about this process. Or go to the Country Grocer page to see a little bit more about everything else we make, sell or eat.
We started, in a small way, selling this fantastic meat on the menu of our gaggle of London pubs. After a few years, many mistakes & a decision to reduce the number of pubs to one, we found ourselves in a position to open a butchers shop in The Parrot. This has been serving the needs of Forest Green (& a few surrounding villages) for 5 years now.

Whilst meat & livestock remain our overriding passion the opportunity to convert a disused (& frankly, slightly ugly) barn into a food hall, where we can offer so much more, was one we couldn’t pass on. And so Butchers Hall, our farm shop and butchers in The Surrey Hills was born (in the car park at The Parrot).